Hello! My name is Allie. I’m an Iowa native with a heart for adventure. After student teaching in Brazil, I landed back in the Heartland, teaching third grade in Kansas City for five years. My love for writing had always been a side-passion, but when I started looking for a career outside of the classroom, freelance writing became a great fit. When I’m not writing, you can find me going on hikes or adventuring in various cities around the country, listening to a podcast while water-coloring, or attempting to read a classic novel at a local coffee shop.

How does this help you?

Iowa Native: There’s a reason Iowa is often mistaken for heaven. It’s filled with good, salt of the earth people. This hard-working, down to earth culture is in the very fiber of my being, and you will see this show up in the way that I communicate, work with diligence and integrity to provide high-quality content.

Teaching Third Grade: Where do I begin? Being a teacher for five years made me who I am. From a relentless work ethic to provide upwards of twenty-seven and individualized education that catered to their specific needs, to utilizing the feedback of data to drive the way I approached my teaching every day, to adapting my content to a variety of online platforms and ever-evolving technology, teaching has prepared me for anything you might throw my way. Primarily, what I did day in and day out was find ways to communicate effectively to an audience with a short attention span, which is basically the same task for anyone wanting to share their thoughts online.

Love for Writing: Crafting words to convey meaning effectively is an art that I geek out about. This attention to detail,  consideration for nuance, and passion for the English language will be the vehicle that drives your message into the heads and hearts of your audience.

Going on Hikes: M.C. Richards said “All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life.” Whether it’s hiking in the Rocky Mountains or going to a food festival in San Francisco, the rich experiences of my adventures fuel my writing and fresh perspective.

Listening to Podcasts: At my core, I am a learner. By following my curiosity, I’m living in an ever-expanding world. I’m eager to explore new content or areas, finding engaging ways to communicate that to others.

At a Local Coffee Shop: To me, it’s all about connecting. Which is what I end up doing at coffee shops. While supporting local businesses that I believe in, these homes-away-from-homes become the context in which I share life with friends and engage in meaningful conversation with fellow coffee drinkers. If we get the chance to meet face-to-face, I promise to take you to one of these local places of character to share our stories.

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